History/”Slachta” Family

The history of Duffer’s began in 1966 with a dream. A young bartender, Frank “Cookie” Slachta, was working in a local Collingdale bar, O’Hagan’s. He dreamed of one day owning his own bar. This dream became a reality at 25 years old when Cookie and his wife Kathleen opened “Cookie’s Pub” and “Kathy’s Sandwich Shop” in Darby, Pennsylvania. After 30 years of running Cookie’s Pub, the husband and wife duo began to think bigger with hopes of being able to include their five children.

In February 1996 Duffer’s Pub opened its doors at the corners of Brinton Lake Road and Route 1 in Concordville, Pennsylvania. During the mid-90S, Duffer’s was one of the first and only restaurants located in this area. The family of entrepreneurs selected a golf/sports theme and the business took off. Today, Duffer’s Pub continues to hold its own against numerous chain competitors in the area.

In 2000, the family began to think of expanding and they opened a second location in the old Brownstone restaurant in Glen Mills on Routes 352 and 926. Cookie’s two sons took on managerial positions, with Michael as General Manager at Duffer’s Tavern in Glen Mills, and Tim as General Manager at Duffer’s Pub on Route 1.
After success from both restaurants, a third location was opened at the Peppermill Inn on Naamans Creek Road in Chichester, which became known as Duffer’s Mill. The doors opened in June of 2009.

Over the evolution of the Duffer’s organization, Cookie’s son Frank, and his two daughters, Kathleen and Sarah, became full time employees of the corporation. The Duffer’s family has grown to include over 200 loyal staff members. The Slachta family would like to thank each and every one of them for their smiles, hard work and its continued success.

The search for a fourth Duffer’s location is always on…