Add a Side Salad or Soup for just 2.99
Upgrade your Duffer’s Classic Side for a Premium Side .99

Atlantic Salmon
Broiled Atlantic salmon topped w/ a lemon & tomato beurre
blanc w/ your choice of 2 classic sides.  18.99

Crab Cakes
Duffer’s house made crab cakes w/ your choice of 2 classic sides.
Single 15.99  Twin 23.99

Shrimp & Scallop ala Rosa
Sautéed jumbo shrimp & bay scallops tossed w/ cavatappi pasta,
diced tomato & spinach in a tomato cream sauce w/ garlic bread. 18.99

Cajun Chicken & Pierogi
Blackened chicken breast over fried pierogis w/ bell,
pepper, onion, & diced tomato in a creole cream sauce. 14.99

Mom’s Meatloaf
Homemade meatloaf topped w/ brown gravy &
served w/ 2 classic sides. 12.99

Fish & Chips
White Ale battered cod fillets served w/ steak fries & one
classic side. 14.99

Chicken Parmesan
Breaded chicken cutlets topped w/ tomato sauce & provolone
cheese w/ linguini & garlic bread. 14.99

Baby Back Ribs
tender dry rubbed pork ribs drizzeled w/ BBQ sauce,
served w/ one classic side.  Half Rack 15.99  Full Rack 22.99

Filet Mignon
6 Oz char grilled fillet mignon served over a bed of sautéed
mushrooms & onions, then served w/ 2 classic sides.  23.99

Cajun Mac & Cheese
Cajun seasoned jumbo shrimp served over cavatappi pasta tossed
in velvety cheese sauce w/ garnished w/ diced tomato & garlic bread. 16.99

Broccoli  •  Green Beans  •  Baked Potato  •  Smashed Red Bliss
Garlic Bread  •  Cole Slaw  •  Apple Sauce  •  White Rice

Loaded Baked Potato • Charred Asparagus
Mac & Cheese  •  Linguini w/ Sauce


Red or White Pizza
Hand tossed w/ cheese 9.99

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Hot sauce, cheese, diced chicken & drizzled w/ ranch 11.99

Upside Down Pizza
Provolone & sauce 10.99

BBQ Chicken Pizza
BBQ sauce, mozzarella, & chicken 11.99

Broccoli  •  Tomato  •  Mushroom  •  Black Olive  •  Bell Pepper  •  Onion

Pepperoni • Italian Sausage • Bacon • Ham

Cheese Steak Stromboli
Beef or chicken steak, American, Provolone & Mozzarella 13.99

Meatball Stromboli
Sliced meatballs, Provolone, Mozzarella & pizza sauce 13.99

Vegetable Stromboli
Broccoli, tomato, mushroom, onion, bell pepper,
Mozzarella, Provolone & pizza sauce. 11.50

Pepperoni Stromboli
Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Provolone & pizza sauce. 13.50

Red or White Flatbread
Topped w/ Cheese 9, 50

The Acuna Flatbread
Topped w/ Mexican pulled chicken, cheddar jack cheese, Pico de Gallo.
Shredded lettuce & ranch 12.99

Buffalo Chicken Flatbread
Hot sauce, mozzarella, pulled chicken & drizzled w/ ranch 10.99

BBQ Chicken FlatBread
BBQ sauce, mozzarella, pulled chicken & drizzled w/ ranch 10.99